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StrongTowns: Quibbling on the details

Downtown Petaluma

To recapitulate recent posts, I continue to encourage North Bay readers to attend one or more of upcoming public meetings with StrongTowns and Urban3. The meetings, which will be hosted by the Urban Community Partnership, will be the evenings of January 19, 20, and 21 in Santa Rosa. Signups seem to be […]

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Celebrating the North Bay theres

Sonoma City Hall

Today, I’ll begin with scheduling notes. The Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds update that I’ve been promising for the last couple of weeks has moved closer. However, it’s still a step away from the news that I want to announce, so I’ll defer the update for another post or two.

Also, there is […]

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Searching the North Bay for great streets

Near the Sonoma Plaza

I’ve often written that the blog is about urbanism in the entire North Bay. And yet, when I focus on site-specific topics, most are in Petaluma.

There are two reasons for being Petaluma-centric. First, I live in Petaluma and am active in some lesser arenas of city government, so Petaluma […]

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Would regional Olympics be a better urbanist solution?

The Olympics closing ceremonies are behind us and the City of Sochi is beginning to ponder what to do with $51 billion of streets and stadiums that were built for a now concluded two-week party.

It won’t be an easy task for Sochi. A report by a South Carolina television station provides a short summary […]

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Is urbanism legal in the North Bay?

Urban district in Omaha

In The Smart Growth Manual by Andres Duany and Jeff Speck with Mike Lydon, Point 1.13 is “Legalizing Smart Growth”. The authors write, “Suburban sprawl must be recognized as the default development pattern. … the principal cause is that in most places smart growth is technically illegal.” They go on […]