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Steps forward and back in Bay Area parking policy

Circling for parking in downtown Palo Alto. Image by guilherme-pg on Flickr

Parking is one of the lynchpin issues of urban design, and probably the one that gets peoples’ blood pumping fastest. So it’s no surprise that any parking news hits headlines, as it has in a scattering of cities around the region. And, […]

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Palo Alto turns down nonprofit senior housing

Palo Alto: for rich seniors only. By Andrew Mager, on Flickr.

The rejection of 8 Washington in San Francisco has the region’s urbanists feeling pretty down. Rather than help ease the housing shortage, the story of 8 Washington will simply add to the risk faced by developers who might want to add housing to […]

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Palo Alto’s parking debate has it backwards

by IK’s World Trip, on Flickr

To address an ongoing parking problem in downtown Palo Alto, that city’s councilmembers are pondering how to expand parking supply in the short and long-term. Unfortunately, the city is addressing the wrong problem. Rather than address issues of parking supply, the city needs to start to work on […]