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Black Friday Parking in the rearview mirror

Petaluma Market on a busy day

A week ago, I introduced Black Friday Parking, an effort by StrongTowns to document an error within many municipal parking codes.

As StrongTowns notes, many parking codes set minimum parking requirements to ensure that all shoppers on the busiest shopping day of the year can find a parking […]

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Calling Friday Black for a better reason

North Bay shopping center parking lot on a busy Sunday afternoon

About this time of year, perhaps a decade ago, a coworker described the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. I was puzzled by the reference. To me, Black Friday referred to the 1929 stock market crash. I assumed my coworker was mistaken.

Although […]

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Why Haystack Landing can’t be everything to everybody

Aerial view of Haystack Landing site

Last time, I wrote about the tentatively-named Haystack Landing, a proposed mixed-use project, with residential over retail, midway between downtown Petaluma and the coming SMART train station. Although I demurred slightly on the architecture, I was mostly thrilled with the project, with my principal wish being that ground-breaking […]

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The injustice of bundled parking

Just a few million dollars here.

The other day, we looked at a new apartment building proposed for downtown San Rafael with mindbogglingly expensive parking and tried to determine how the project could be improved. One big way that deserves a second look is allowing people to rent parking spots and apartments separately.

Thanks […]

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New apartments coming to San Rafael with some very expensive parking

Where the new homes will be.

On Wednesday, news broke that San Rafael could soon find itself home to another 162 households, thanks to a proposed redevelopment of the Third Street garage and a couple one-story buildings nearby. This is the kind of development San Rafael needs more of, and a uniquely expensive parking […]

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Highlighting the guideposts on the path toward a better future

Petaluma River in downtown Petaluma

The Petaluma City Council holds an annual goal-setting session, a seven-hour Saturday marathon that was conducted a few days ago.

Several Councilmembers occasionally follow this blog, but I still thought it appropriate to remind the Council about some of the goals I’ve suggested for Petaluma over past few years, […]

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Failing to accommodate a better parking solution

Structured parking in downtown Petaluma

In my New Year’s resolutions for 2014, I committed to delving deeply into a pair of urbanist topics of personal interest, senior living and parking. It took me much of the year to get around to the senior living issue, but I finally tackled the subject in a number […]


SF Mayor Lee promotes nonsensical parking policy

Image by martindiepeveen, on Flickr.

Yesterday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced he wanted to make street parking free again on Sundays in an attempt to make the city more affordable and to ease its transportation problems. If these are his goals, however, free Sunday parking will simply set the city back.

Affordability is […]


One more parking story: San Mateo

Bringing a little finesse to San Mateo’s parking meters. Image by LornaWatt, on Flickr.

Wednesday’s post on parking policy missed a happy story from San Mateo. It seems as though that city’s council is moving in the direction of variable pricing tied to transportation demand management, a plan similar to that coming from Walnut […]

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Steps forward and back in Bay Area parking policy

Circling for parking in downtown Palo Alto. Image by guilherme-pg on Flickr

Parking is one of the lynchpin issues of urban design, and probably the one that gets peoples’ blood pumping fastest. So it’s no surprise that any parking news hits headlines, as it has in a scattering of cities around the region. And, […]