What’s in store for Capital Expressway?

The new Capital Expressway. Image by Richard Masoner.

San Jose wants to change its car-oriented ways, at least a bit, and transforming Capital Expressway from a 10-lane surface highway into a multi-modal transit corridor. With new VTA light rail, BRT, sidewalks, bike lanes, and a road diet, it seems there is a bright future […]

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Palo Alto’s parking debate has it backwards

by IK’s World Trip, on Flickr

To address an ongoing parking problem in downtown Palo Alto, that city’s councilmembers are pondering how to expand parking supply in the short and long-term. Unfortunately, the city is addressing the wrong problem. Rather than address issues of parking supply, the city needs to start to work on […]

Durable Growth

From today to TOD – parking (part 1)

Image from the author.

Urbanists have visions of the future. Visions that may be twenty years or farther into the future, but are nonetheless in perfect focus.

Where the focus is often less clear is on the intervening years. The years of awkward transition between a drivable suburban present and a walkable urban future.