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Making a difference – Parklet version

Parklet in Newark, New Jersey

Parklets are small, sometimes temporary, uses of a parking space or two near an existing business, often akin to a sidewalk café but with a greater range of design possibilities. The photo is a good example of a parklet. It’s from the Better Block Newark website, which offers good […]

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Responding to parklet questions

I recently wrote about the possibility of a parklet at Ray’s Delicatessen and Tavern, a neighborhood gathering place a short distance from my home. My comments were intended to note the potential of the idea and to encourage Ray’s to continue with their study of the concept, including the development of a site plan and […]

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A North Bay parklet?

Ray’s Delicatessen and Tavern

Parklets, the appropriation of curbside space otherwise intended for cars by amenities such as bike racks, benches, tables, etc., is one of the most recent additions to urbanism’s toolkit. Kaid Benfield of the Natural Resources Defense Fund offers photos of the range of activities that can be accommodated in a […]