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Connecting urbanism and parks

Nearly empty Petaluma park

Ardent suburbophiles sometimes try to position parks and urbanism as incompatible and then use the evident value of parks as an anti-urban argument. As is true of most binary arguments, and particularly true here, the reality is more complicated. It’s true that many urbanist land-use configurations don’t easily allow some […]

Durable Growth

Watching the Spokane River thunder past

Upper Falls

In my last post, I introduced Riverfront Park and the Riverwalk in Spokane, both of which are star attractions. But I’ve yet to describe the real highlight of the park, the river itself.

As I ambled through Riverfront Park on the first evening of my visit, I gradually became aware of a […]

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Spokane and a fine urban park

Red wagon sculpture

A few years ago, my wife and I spent a weekend in Spokane, Washington. The reason for the trip was the high school graduation of the daughter of one of my wife’s oldest friends. But I used the opportunity to snoop around downtown Spokane.

To my delight, I found a park […]

Durable Growth

Downtown plazas: The Petaluma challenge

Site of possible Petaluma Square

A few weeks ago, I wrote a pair of posts about urban public places in Petaluma. I listed the downtown public places that were already in use or well into the planning stage, along with the most evident shortcoming of each. I noted that downtowns are best supported by strings […]

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How much parkland is enough?

When the subject turns to public parks, there is a truism in land-use entitlement. If a proposed development site has been used by the public for casual recreation, someone will argue that the property should instead become a park.

It doesn’t matter if the property has been owned by a family for years and they […]