Pedestrian safety: Putting the blame where it belongs and assessing strategies for slowing cars

Brick street in Harmar, Ohio

In a pair of recent posts, I offered perspectives on pedestrian safety. I wrote first about how the education of drivers isn’t an adequate strategy relative to the high compliance needed for pedestrian safety. Later, I suggested that the best strategies for pedestrian safety may fall outside the Overton […]

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Prying the Overton Window further open

A Calistoga intersection that lacks pedestrian accommodation

A few weeks back, I noted a Petaluma post on Nextdoor, a neighborhood-based social media site, arguing for increased pedestrian awareness by drivers. It was cleverly written and I agreed with the thrust. However, I disagreed with the implicit suggestion that awareness/education was the right approach for […]

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Pedestrian safety: Education isn’t enough

B Street in Petaluma

For those who may have been eagerly awaiting my promised thoughts on affordable housing, I must again disappoint. (I also fear that I may disappoint even when I finally get around to the topic, but that’s another story.) The topic of affordable housing remains high on my list, but this […]


Stopping for pedestrians

Typical North Bay arterial

A reader recently asked for my advice about adding crosswalk markings in his community. I provided contact information for a key contact in his town. But I also provided a warning about the response he might receive.

The crosswalk location of interest to him seemed, at first glance, to be […]