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BART TOD: Design matters

First block from Amtrak/BART station

In my last two posts (here and here), I wrote about a recent visit to transit-oriented developments (TODs) on the BART system. The outing, in which I was joined by a friend, was undertaken because the Petaluma City Council will soon consider the Petaluma Station Area Plan, which will […]

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BART TOD: The range of alternatives

View from Pleasant Hill BART Station

The Petaluma Station Area plan will be taken up by the Petaluma City Council on Monday, May 6. If you care about urbanism, it would be a good meeting to attend. And if you haven’t yet read the final draft plan or the concurrent changes to the Smart […]

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From today to TOD – The next steps

View at E. Washington and Lakeville Streets

A few years ago, a poll was taken about which planning departments in the Sacramento area were the most responsive and helpful. The City of Sacramento came in last. Between an organization chart that placed key reviewers in separate silos and a long-standing culture of poor responsiveness, […]

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From today to TOD – Impact fees

Walkable Downtown. Photo from the author.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about the hurdles of converting from drivable suburban to walkable urban, with particular reference to the pending Petaluma Station Area Plan. I’ve discoursed on subjects as varied as parking, adjoining properties, and transitional uses. Today, as I near conclusion, I’ll grapple […]

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From today to TOD – non-conforming uses

by rosipaw, on Flickr

When I was in third grade, I posed a question to my father. “If time is the fourth dimension, then what’s the fifth dimension?” This would have been in 1962, so I wasn’t asking about the group that would record “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” later in the decade.

It may […]

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Getting from today to TOD – Adjoining land uses

by Fred Davis, on Flickr

I’ve recently written about the challenges of transitioning from a car-dependent drivable suburban land-use pattern to the walkable urban pattern of a transit-oriented development (TOD). Here and here I wrote about the issues around parking, finding a balance between the mixed-use of a TOD and the parking requirements of […]