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Is it time for regional government?

Housing in Goose Hollow District of Portland

Events might be leading the Bay Area to a fundamental change in our pattern of governance. I think it’d be a good change although, as on most topics, I remain willing to consider counter-arguments.

Let me begin the discussion with a hypothetical question. Imagine a large business […]

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After a few community announcements, April Fools’ Day – Part 1

Current Community Separator

Before getting onto today’s “business”, I have reminders of three upcoming meetings of potential interest to North Bay urbanists, particularly those in Petaluma.

Connecting with SMART – On Thursday, April 7 at 4:00pm in the Petaluma City Hall, 11 English Street, the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee will take up the draft […]

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Circling back to buses and books

Petaluma Transit bus

I have several North Bay updates to share today, from new and improved bus routes in Petaluma to a revisited book club to a request for reading list suggestions.

A couple of months back, I wrote about how the staff at Petaluma Transit was working hard to build connections with SMART, […]

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Supporting SMART by attacking the last mile with buses

Petaluma Transit bus in downtown Petaluma

In a few days, I’ll help introduce some clever and insightful ideas of others, proving one more time that it’s better to be associated with clever people than to be clever oneself.

My opportunity to bask in the reflected glow of others will come when I chair a […]

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We’ll talk about murals, but only after transit

I promised that today’s post would be about the murals newly adorning American Alley in Petaluma. And it will be, but only after I chat about a transit issue that is even more essential to the future of Petaluma. It’s a challenge that will be faced by many North Bay communities in the coming year.



Covering the transit spectrum

Petaluma Transit bus

A recent report caused me to ponder the role of transit in small towns, including Petaluma where I live. And to reject one of the lesser strategies offered by the authors.

The report was prepared under the aegis of SPUR, a San Francisco organization with a long urbanist tradition incorporating both […]

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Tidying up the urbanist loose ends

Historic train depot in Petaluma

There always seems to something further that can be written on past topics. Today will be a day to add supplement details to past discussions on transit funding, Petaluma Urban Chat, City Repair, and curvy bike paths.

Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee: As previously described, the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee, […]


Tackling the bigger transit questions

Petaluma Transit Bus

I chair the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee. It’s a good gig that I enjoy greatly. I have a fine group of fellow committee members and appreciate the effort that the Transit Manager makes to provide us with comprehensive background information and to respond effectively to our questions so that we can […]

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Looking back and looking ahead

Downtown Petaluma

In my last post, I presented my urbanist resolution for 2015. I vowed to dig more deeply into the reasons why suburbia is failing and why urbanism is part of the solution. I understand that most readers of this blog don’t need the further explanation, but I’ll be prepared for the skeptics […]

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Making personal connections aboard the bus

Another drippy forecast derailed my plan to check out possible great streets in the Napa Valley. And with final holiday preparations underway, I can’t reschedule the trip until after Christmas. (Had I known that planning a series of field trips would have brought needed rain to the North Bay, I would have done so a […]