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Fairgrounds and block parties (It must be the summer-like weather)

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds: Regular readers don’t need to be reminded about the on-going Petaluma Urban Chat study on possible re-use of the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds. (Occasional readers can catch up here.)

The conceptual design efforts are nearing conclusion. The three teams are putting finishing touches on their designs and will present the plans […]

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Is there such a thing as bad urbanism?

Downtown parking garage

Early in my “Intro to Urbanism” series, I offered a definition of urbanism that focused on the positive aspects of good urbanism, specifically energy conservation and municipal finances. But even as I did so, I had misgivings about how to describe undesirable urban results like degrading housing, sterile condominiums in the […]

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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds re-use: Turning toward the finish line

Existing Fairgrounds entrance

Regular followers have read the following recitation so many times that they can likely anticipate every word. But for the new readers, I should lay out the background before moving to the heart of this post. I’ll try to do so expediently.

Petaluma Urban Chat, a citizens group that sprung from […]

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Intro to urbanism, part one: Credentials, syllabus, and duration

Working class urban setting in Brooklyn

During a recent writing workshop, a professional writer was impressed by the readership that I’ve built for this blog, but still had suggestions to offer about building it further. Her thought was that there might be readers who are deterred from being regular readers because they lack the […]

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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds re-use: Sorting through the options

Current Fairgrounds Building

I’ve written several times about the looming opportunities at Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma.

Regular readers can probably repeat the key facts by heart, so I’ll offer only a brief recap. The current lease between the City and Fair Board for the Fairgrounds will expire in nine years. The two parties […]

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Petaluma Urban Chat: Rebooting the Fairgrounds vision effort

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds

[Due to a scheduling error, this post is published a month late. However, it is worth reading for what it says about the Fairgrounds.]

After a one-month hiatus to chat with City Council candidate Dave King about Measure Q, Petaluma Urban Chat will return to the subject of the Sonoma Marin […]

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No matter who designs it, the sack won’t be big enough

Heavily patched Petaluma street

With the election looming today, I’ll offer yet one more perspective on Petaluma’s Measure Q, the proposed one percent sales tax measure that would run into perpetuity. I apologize for my continued focus on Measure Q instead of touching upon other tax measures in the region, but I’m in a […]

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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds: Continuing the discussion

A month ago, Petaluma Urban Chat began considering the future of the Sonoma Marin fairgrounds, 63 acres of real estate well situated a few blocks from downtown Petaluma, the coming SMART station, and the 101 freeway.

Of course, Urban Chat has no role in the on-going negotiations between the City of Petaluma and the Sonoma […]