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A measure of Marin’s development politics: Development

One Bay Area, the organization behind Plan Bay Area, surveyed the region’s opinions on the built environment. What kinds of transportation investments do we want? What kinds of cities do we want to live in? What would get you to take transit or ride a bike more? Though the survey has problems, it gives us […]

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Construction’s high carbon cost shouldn’t stop smart growth

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In the aftermath of Plan Bay Area’s passage, development skeptics from the region’s small towns, especially in Marin, have circulated a study showing that new construction gives of much higher levels of CO2 than renovating existing buildings even if that new construction is done in a very ecologically-friendly way. This, […]

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A measure of Marin’s development politics: Regionalism

For decades, Marin has cultivated a reputation as a firmly anti-development county, most recently in vehement protestations against affordable and medium-density housing. This would certainly be a fair assessment if one simply attends or watches government meetings about development policy or read the IJ’s op-ed section. But survey data from One Bay Area shows Marin […]


Time to get involved in Plan Bay Area

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Few everyday citizens have reason to engage in regional government, even though the decisions these government bodies are making impact all of us in the Bay Area.

Our appointed local elected representatives come together to discuss problems, solutions and strategies to upcoming challenges and issues that cross local boarders. […]