Durable Growth

A pocket neighborhood is proposed for Petaluma

Historic home at West Street entrance to Keller Court Commons

Long-time readers should be familiar with the name Ross Chapin. Chapin is a Seattle-area architect who was a pioneer in the development of pocket neighborhoods, clusters of small-lot homes arranged in non-conventional configurations. The arrangement allows accommodation of site constraints such as topography or […]

Durable Growth

BART TOD: Stoops

Stoop at Pleasant Hill TOD

In my last post, I wrote of touring transit-oriented developments (TODs) along the BART system. A friend joined me in the travel. Our goal was to gather insights that might be useful during the upcoming review of the proposed Petaluma Station Area plan by the Petaluma City Council. In […]

Durable Growth

Red Barn: What the option should have been

Vista of Red Barn Site

In my last post, I argued that the public good isn’t always served by compromise. I used the pending Red Barn project in Petaluma as an example, with the StrongTowns theory as a measuring stick.

StrongTowns argues that, for many forms of development, the long-term infrastructure maintenance costs outstrip […]