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Taking the next step – Opportunities to make a difference during the week of June 5

Residential density near Kew Gardens in London

This is my third week of providing a calendar of opportunities to become more involved in urbanist advocacy. I’m still fiddling with the content and format, but have received supportive feedback, so will be continuing with the concept.

This is also an interesting week to write about […]

Durable Growth

Taking the next step – Opportunities for public education and participation, week of May 29

Urban setting in London

I write about urbanism and enjoy doing so. I hope I’ve opened some eyes to different ways to configure our North Bay communities, alternatives that will make us more resilient, sustainable, and financially solvent.

However, growing a cadre of enthusiastic, but closeted, urbanists doesn’t change the world. Instead, those converts […]

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A week of public involvement and urbanist advocacy

A walkable urban setting in Sonoma

This is a post about which I’ve often thought but never executed. I feared it might seem selfish or self-aggrandizing. But having recently participated in an extended discussion on the effort needed effect change in land use policies, I decided to share what a week in my life […]

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Finding the elusive public input sweet spot

Walkable urban setting in Napa

In my last post, I wrote that public input can sometimes go awry, with concerns about flawed ideas triggering rules that consume both good and bad ideas.

The examples I cited were from my personal history with small-scale hydroelectric projects. In that field, logically dubious demands for “cumulative impact” […]

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Oyez, oyez, is anyone listening?

Typical downtown setting

Changing the world, whether moving with more alacrity toward walkable urbanism or some other beneficial change, comes in two steps. The first is getting the public to listen to the logic for the new way of thinking until they agree with it. The second is alerting them to the moments in […]