Durable Growth

Learning the right lessons from Nice

Public plaza in Paris

I was particularly distressed by last week’s attack on Nice’s Promenade des Anglais. The sorrow was sharp because the attack occurred in a walkable urban place, a place described by CityLab as “an elegant Belle Époque version of the Atlantic City Boardwalk”, a place filled with folks in a celebratory […]

Durable Growth

Public places need people, some more than others

Neogothic spires

Public places should be designed to attract people. (Admittedly, too many are designed to feed the egos of design professionals and city councils, but that’s a topic for another time.) A good public place should only be fully realized when it’s filled with people enjoying themselves.

But some places have an even […]

Durable Growth

Great public spaces needn’t be owned by the public

Larkin Square in Buffalo

Most well-used public spaces are owned by the public. When I talk with others of creating more energized public places in the North Bay, the initial assumptions are publicly-owned parks and downtown plazas.

Much of the reason for the assumption is that privately-owned public spaces in recent times are often […]

Durable Growth

Public plazas in springtime

Softball game near New York skyscrapers

It was about a year ago when the finish line of the Boston Marathon was disrupted by domestic terrorism. In the days that followed, there were many who spoke about a fear of public places and an unwillingness to return to them.

In response, I wrote that interaction […]