Durable Growth

Promoting public safety through land-use design

Vertical mixed-use in Waynesboro, North Carolina

I’ve previously written about UrbanPlan, a program of the Urban Land Institute which introduces students to the complexities and trade-offs of land-use decisions. ULI recently updated the UrbanPlan package to include additional elements, such as green roofs, and new voices, such as aging-in-place advocates, to add to the […]

Durable Growth, Transportation

The realities of reducing neighborhood speeds

Petaluma roundabout

Even if a neighborhood chooses to accept a lower speed limit, the realities of effecting that change can be daunting.

In earlier posts, I wrote that the joint use of public streets was reduced by the advent of the automobile and that some people are pushing back by proposing a maximum speed […]


Who can fix urban crime rates?

Urban street in New York City

In my last post, I wrote about how we may intuitively, but probably wrongly, assume that urban places are more dangerous than suburban places. At least one data set points the other way.

However, that data set was non-illness deaths. Deaths are certainly an indicator of personal safety, […]


Perceptions of urban risk

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

Five years ago today, I was in New York City. I was in the midst of a ten-day trip to view ballgames in Major League ballparks that I hadn’t yet seen.

Before the trip was over, I saw games in Fenway Park, Shea Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Camden Yards, […]