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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds re-use: Turning toward the finish line

Existing Fairgrounds entrance

Regular followers have read the following recitation so many times that they can likely anticipate every word. But for the new readers, I should lay out the background before moving to the heart of this post. I’ll try to do so expediently.

Petaluma Urban Chat, a citizens group that sprung from […]

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Northern California tour: Checking on Suisun City

Older retail in Suisun City

For those readers who don’t live in Northern California and don’t follow the news from my part of the world, it has been a historically dry year for the northern half of the Golden State. Depending on the metric used, it may be drier than any previous year in […]

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The justification for civic amenities

Gateway Arch under construction. Image from AP, 1965, on NPR.

A loyal reader (it’s a required duty for younger sisters) recently emailed me with a question. She provided a link to a National Public Radio story on the history of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. She asked my thoughts on the question posed […]