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Unintelligible caterwauling embraces urbanism

Today’s post was planned to be about the “missing middle housing” in my neighborhood, the incremental housing units that add residents, thereby supporting walkability, without detracting from the feel of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, a rainstorm arrived ahead of schedule, before I could collect the final photos I planned to share. I’m not complaining about the […]

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Induced traffic comes in different flavors

E. Washington Street in Petaluma

On several earlier occasions, I’ve written about the phenomenon of induced traffic. In one post, I used a hypothetical Yosemite campground to illustrate the theory. Several months before that, I yielded the floor to walkability expert Jeff Speck for a video explanation of induced traffic.

But for those who […]

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Urbanist thinking on the Rainier Avenue Connector

Likely Rainier Avenue alignment

The connection of Rainier Avenue between McDowell Boulevard and Petaluma Boulevard North has long been an item of contention in Petaluma. Much of the political spectrum has supported it, with a handful of notable holdouts. In the most recent City Council elections, every candidate publicly supported its construction, some with […]