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NFL called for intentional grounding, penalty is loss of credibility

Transit in San Francisco

Back in 2012, the NFL was eager to tout the urbanist pleasures of Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis, where many of Superbowl week venues, including the stadium, were within walkable distance of the host hotels. Four years later, the NFL keeps stubbing its urbanist toe.

The first urbanist bust was at […]

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On the coherency of transects and urban growth boundaries – Part four

San Francisco

With this post, I’ll close my far-flung cogitations on the alternative location for the second SMART station in Petaluma and the conclusions to which my thinking led me.

I fear I may have confused a few readers by the way I connected the dots in my head. It seemed logical to me, […]


More people are speeding on the Golden Gate Bridge – here’s why

The new barrier and the bridge during closure. Image by David Yu, on Flickr

When the new Golden Gate Bridge barrier opened, it was heralded as a new age of safety, but there were rumblings of problems immediately. Bridge Manager Kary Witt was quoted as saying, “I do think everyone is driving too fast. […]

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Organic urbanism is better for you

Business street in the Paris fashion district

Those not familiar with the nature of successful urbanism might think that the project recently announced for the former site of San Francisco’s Candlestick Park is good news. The development is a 500,000-square-foot “urban outlet” shopping center that will serve as the retail anchor for the development […]


New GGT schedule cuts Route 80, but more could be done


In GGT’s quarterly schedule adjustment, the agency will do as it planned this past summer and cut the long-suffering Route 80, a plodding local bus route that stopped at every bus stop from San Francisco to Santa Rosa. However, Highway 101 service could use more tweaks to better integrate Route 71 and other lines south […]


How much democracy can land-use tolerate?

Observer of San Francisco waterfront

The biggest decisions in land-use should have broad public involvement. Whether the decision might be the adoption of a general plan, downtown specific plan, or rewritten zoning ordinance, extensive public participation should be part of the process. The involvement might be through a general vote or it might be […]

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Good urban planning is a team effort

Telegraph Hill in San Francisco

Perhaps because I spend much of my time studying and writing about urban planning, I become prickly when folks write something that misrepresents the nature of good land planning.

A recent example illustrates my point.

I had a long professional involvement in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. […]


Governing Caltrain in the age of electrification

Image from SPUR.

Last week Tuesday at SPUR HQ in San Francisco, at an event co-sponsored by Friends of Caltrain, a set of international and regional experts discussed different scenarios for the governance of Caltrain in the age of electrification.

Electrifying Caltrain promises to create even stronger financial performance, with higher ridership […]


Options floated for toll hikes on the Bridge

by Stephen Woods, on Flickr

At long last, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District (GGBHTD) will be hiking tolls. While this is a good thing for the North Bay’s transportation system, the rationale shows that GGBHTD still doesn’t understand its opportunities or how to plan for a better transportation system.

The toll […]


SF Mayor Lee promotes nonsensical parking policy

Image by martindiepeveen, on Flickr.

Yesterday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced he wanted to make street parking free again on Sundays in an attempt to make the city more affordable and to ease its transportation problems. If these are his goals, however, free Sunday parking will simply set the city back.

Affordability is […]