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LinkedIn wants to radically reduce driving to its new headquarters

At their presentation to Mountain View’s planning commission on September 16, LinkedIn described their plans for new headquarter buildings, where their goals are for only 35% of 8,000 employees to drive. To achieve a steep increase in sustainable commuting, LinkedIn plans to transform incentives for commuters, ending free parking, with higher prices and […]


Governing Caltrain in the age of electrification

Image from SPUR.

Last week Tuesday at SPUR HQ in San Francisco, at an event co-sponsored by Friends of Caltrain, a set of international and regional experts discussed different scenarios for the governance of Caltrain in the age of electrification.

Electrifying Caltrain promises to create even stronger financial performance, with higher ridership […]


One more parking story: San Mateo

Bringing a little finesse to San Mateo’s parking meters. Image by LornaWatt, on Flickr.

Wednesday’s post on parking policy missed a happy story from San Mateo. It seems as though that city’s council is moving in the direction of variable pricing tied to transportation demand management, a plan similar to that coming from Walnut […]

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Steps forward and back in Bay Area parking policy

Circling for parking in downtown Palo Alto. Image by guilherme-pg on Flickr

Parking is one of the lynchpin issues of urban design, and probably the one that gets peoples’ blood pumping fastest. So it’s no surprise that any parking news hits headlines, as it has in a scattering of cities around the region. And, […]

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Palo Alto turns down nonprofit senior housing

Palo Alto: for rich seniors only. By Andrew Mager, on Flickr.

The rejection of 8 Washington in San Francisco has the region’s urbanists feeling pretty down. Rather than help ease the housing shortage, the story of 8 Washington will simply add to the risk faced by developers who might want to add housing to […]


Menlo Park denied grade-separation planning funds

Menlo Park Station by lazytom, on Flickr

In the midst of preparations for high-speed rail, towns and cities along the Peninsula are lining up to grade-separate their bit of Caltrain track. San Mateo, Burlingame, and South San Francisco are all moving forward with plans, and all are getting county help. But in Menlo Park, […]


Caltrain’s platforms should match high-speed rail

by LA Wad, on Flickr

Caltrain is reinventing itself, transforming from a commuter rail line into a hybrid Metro/high-speed rail. Integral to this transformation is the otherwise mundane concern of platform height. Matching it to the standard of California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR) is the only option that makes sense.


There are two basic […]


Caltrain service driven by data, not gut

Census distribution of jobs and population along Caltrain

The current operation of Caltrain is, to put it mildly, inefficient. With 35 separate station stopping patterns in the broad categories of Local, Express, and Baby Bullet, it is a confusing mess to the uninitiated.

There are a number of reasons for the mess, but Clem […]


Caltrain needs higher fares to expand service and reduce overcrowding

by Andrei Z, on Flickr

Caltrain is packed, and its ridership growth shows no sign of abating. Meanwhile, the Caltrain system is struggling to make ends meet, often threatening service cuts.

This is madness. A service so popular that it cannot bear all the passengers also cannot pay its own bills.

The solution is […]

Durable Growth

The Facebook development in Menlo Park offers lessons for corporate developers

Employees of Facebook will soon get the option of living near the office, thanks to some new housing helped along by Facebook in Menlo Park. The development, called Anton Menlo, is rightly turning heads across the country. Is this going to be a new model for corporate homebuilding?

Greater Greater Washington, in DC, published the […]