Stay alert for youthful users of the street all year long

Harmar Elementary School in Harmar, Ohio

I promised a guest writer today, an expert on road diets. Unfortunately, he’s still hard at work on his post, so you’re instead stuck with me. The road diet post, or hopefully two, will run next week.

But it’s okay that today’s authorship reverted to me because I […]

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What are the traffic costs for alternative schooling choices?

Harmar Elementary School in Harmar, Ohio

I know a young couple with two young sons who moved to the North Bay a few years back. Coming from a snowy clime, they were excited by the walkability opportunities in the more clement North Bay, particularly the possibility of the older son walking to school. So […]

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Riding a virtual school bus

After half a century, my memory may be fallible, but my recollection is that I walked to school, without parental accompaniment, for much of my first grade year. My parents didn’t trust me to walk completely alone, so hooked me up with a third-grade girl who lived nearby. Not only did I walk to school […]