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Taking the next step – Opportunities to make a difference during the week of June 12

Walkability in the Soho District of London

I’ve returned from CNU 24, the annual gathering of the Congress for the New Urbanism. As always, the conference was inspirational and motivational. I’ve come back flush with new connections, eager to broach new ideas, and primed to suggest new initiatives.

But it’d be a strategic mistake […]

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Urbanism and senior living: The case for having urban options

Senior living facility in an Oregon mixed-use neighborhood

They say that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite a time. Slowly, steadily, methodically. Having now written two posts on the overlap between urbanism and senior living, I suspect that my task is much like eating an elephant. Describing the many aspects […]

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Urbanism and senior living: The insights keep coming

Walking setting in Soho, London

With Thanksgiving Day upon us, and with many folks already traveling, I’ll limit myself today to a handful of links. But they’re good links.

About a month ago, I wrote a series of posts on urbanism and senior living, from the how senior life might be conducted downtown to […]

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Urbanism and senior living: The cases for and against mobile home parks

For several years, I was on the board of a local Rebuilding Together affiliate, a non-profit organization that provides free home repairs for low-income homeowners. Like most affiliates, our biggest event of the year was an April workday when several hundred local citizens volunteered a day of labor.

One year, a project captain invited a […]

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Urbanism and senior living: Getting around on foot

Napa sidewalk, luckily still in good repair

A theme of this election season has been strategic decision-making around the varying approval thresholds for different forms of tax measures. Is it better to seek a general tax measure, which requires only 50 percent plus one for approval, even if it means battling skepticism about how […]

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Urbanism and senior living: After the driver’s license is gone

Petaluma Transit bus

A few years ago, my wife and I sat down one evening to continue planning our retirement. Our goal was to decide upon a town in which we wished to spend our later years.

Like any couple, our desires didn’t fully align. We had different visions of what would be important […]

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Urbanism and senior living: Shedding the extra bedrooms

Typical suburban development

In recent weeks, I’ve been writing about the intersection of urbanism and senior living. Thus far, I’ve largely focused on the forms that senior living can take in urban settings and the steps needed to encourage downtown senior options.

But I’ve also written that many seniors, even if they find walkable […]

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Urbanism and senior living: Making downtown options happen

Downtown building in Padua, Italy

In recent posts, I’ve been writing about how walkable urban settings can be good places to live one’s later years. Most recently, I offered a few insights about senior lifestylesthat might find a home in downtowns.

It’s a subject of both general and personal interest to me. I think […]

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Urbanism and senior life: Sketching out the downtown options

Walkable setting in Paris

In previous posts, I’ve written that many current options for senior life, specifically the common American model of large facilities in non-walkable settings and an observed Venetian arrangement that may have lacked adequate social contact, may not be meeting the needs of seniors. I then suggested that urbanism, even if […]

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Urbanism and senior life: Defining the question

Typical Venetian scene

In the early days of this blog, when I was still young and naïve, I described three seminal steps in my progress from being someone who accepted drivable suburbia as eternal to someone who would call himself an urbanist.

One of those steps was an observation made during a 2007 trip […]