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How to interpret the Google bus protests

From a Google shuttle protest. Image by Steven Rhodes, on Flickr.

Private shuttle buses have recently become a Bay Area controversy. The buses are usually described as Google buses, although that term is inaccurate because more than 30 companies operate shuttles between urban residential neighborhoods in San Francisco and Oakland and offices in the […]

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Making car non-ownership seamless

Streetcar in Padua, Italy

Convincing people to make lifestyle-changing commitments to transit is a multi-faceted challenge. There are some bright folks who are offering creative solutions. But there may also be transit agencies which are failing to address the problem.

One can make two types of decision regarding transit use. Let’s call them “daily […]


Shuttle envy

The Google shuttle. Image by David Gartner, from Flickr.

The Guardian casts its eyes on the Bay Area and sees Silicon Valley’s fleet of hundreds of private buses plying the streets of San Francisco. The paper turns up a few stereotypical SF residents who bash a shuttle-shaped piñata and complain about the […]