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Petaluma Urban Chat: Rebooting the Fairgrounds vision effort

Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds

[Due to a scheduling error, this post is published a month late. However, it is worth reading for what it says about the Fairgrounds.]

After a one-month hiatus to chat with City Council candidate Dave King about Measure Q, Petaluma Urban Chat will return to the subject of the Sonoma Marin […]

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No matter who designs it, the sack won’t be big enough

Heavily patched Petaluma street

With the election looming today, I’ll offer yet one more perspective on Petaluma’s Measure Q, the proposed one percent sales tax measure that would run into perpetuity. I apologize for my continued focus on Measure Q instead of touching upon other tax measures in the region, but I’m in a […]

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Looking around town: Checking on continuing stories

Petaluma block party

I describe this blog as a perspective, with an urbanist eye, on land use in the entire North Bay. However, I live, work, and participate in the Petaluma community. Unless I watch myself carefully, I can easily find myself writing only about Petaluma. Lately, I haven’t been watching myself carefully.

That […]

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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds: Clarifying about schools and eco-villages

Building on fairgrounds site

I’m pleased to write a blog on urbanism and feel amply rewarded by the many readers. But editing posts for length is an on-going challenge. There are so many interrelated aspects of urbanism that it’s often a difficult to prune a blog post into a good length for readers. In […]

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Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds: Continuing the discussion

A month ago, Petaluma Urban Chat began considering the future of the Sonoma Marin fairgrounds, 63 acres of real estate well situated a few blocks from downtown Petaluma, the coming SMART station, and the 101 freeway.

Of course, Urban Chat has no role in the on-going negotiations between the City of Petaluma and the Sonoma […]

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An urbanist Christmas list for the North Bay

Santa Claus is about 24 hours away from his pre-flight checklist. It’s time to finalize my list of urbanist Christmas wishes for the North Bay.

New Years and the annual obligation of resolutions is still a week away, but thinking about my wish list reminds me that my first resolution should be learning more about […]

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Downtown plazas: The Petaluma opportunity

Current fairgrounds site from D Street

In my last post, I wrote about the fine downtown plazas in Healdsburg and Sonoma, the regret of some that Petaluma doesn’t have a similar town square, and my thought that Petaluma’s incomplete string of promising public places might ultimately be more important to the community, although a […]