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Prying the Overton Window further open

A Calistoga intersection that lacks pedestrian accommodation

A few weeks back, I noted a Petaluma post on Nextdoor, a neighborhood-based social media site, arguing for increased pedestrian awareness by drivers. It was cleverly written and I agreed with the thrust. However, I disagreed with the implicit suggestion that awareness/education was the right approach for […]

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Looking more closely for the coded messages being sent to drivers

I’ve often written about the nonintuitive but ultimately logical method by which speed limits are set in California. For those new to the subject, speed limits are established by the speeds at which cars travel when drivers are unaware of a speed limit. So if most drivers demonstrate by their actions that a road should […]

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Easing the pressure on the gas pedal

In my last post, I began to write about an on-line neighborhood chat on the subject of teenager drivers traveling with excess haste on residential streets. However, I was distracted by the participants in the chat, many of whom belong to my generation, calling for reduced freedoms for high school students. The advocacy was sufficiently […]

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Finding urbanism in the local paper

American Alley

Once one begins to look at the world through urbanist glasses, there are urban-related stories all over. There were two examples, one on downtown development and one on street speeds, in the most recent edition of the Argus Courier, the weekly Petaluma newspaper.

A year and a half ago, several members of […]

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The realities of reducing neighborhood speeds

Petaluma roundabout

Even if a neighborhood chooses to accept a lower speed limit, the realities of effecting that change can be daunting.

In earlier posts, I wrote that the joint use of public streets was reduced by the advent of the automobile and that some people are pushing back by proposing a maximum speed […]