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Towns can overbuild more than infrastructure

Kannapolis City Hall

In writing about the best moments from CNU 24, the annual gathering of urbanists held in Detroit earlier this year, I quoted Andres Duany on the role of public buildings, “Urbanist codes should cover residential, commercial, and office buildings, but not public buildings. It’s in public buildings where architects should be […]

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Taking the next step – Opportunities to get involved during the week of July 3

Pedestrian bridge toward downtown Petaluma

Next week will be a short week, but concludes on a high note with another opportunity to hear Chuck Marohn in the Bay Area. A pedestrian/bicycle meeting in Petaluma also offers chances for meaningful discussion, with many urbanist-related topics on its agenda. As always, it’s a great time to […]

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Taking the next step – Opportunities to get involved during the week of June 26

Another view of downtown Detroit

Another week is soon approaching. With the end of the month and the holiday weekend looming at the end of the week, it’ll be a mostly quiet seven days, but there will be couple of worthwhile events. Also, there are interesting opportunities queuing up for the weeks after the […]

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Taking the next step – Opportunities to get involved during the week of June 19

Theatre district in London

Another week is nearly upon us, with yet more chances to publicly advocate for urbanist-oriented solutions. It’d be a great week to get involved.

Meetings this Week

Rohnert Park Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Monday, June 20, 5:30pm, Rohnert Park City Hall, Conference Room 2A, 130 Avram Avenue, Rohnert Park […]

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Link-Fest: Why urbanism?

College Town near Iowa State campus in Ames. Iowa

In my last post, I wrote about making adjustments in the content of these posts.  My goal was to reduce my time spent in writing and editing, while hopefully still encouraging readers to advocate for a more urbanist future.  A regular correspondent wrote to ask […]

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Digging into the Urban Planner’s Oath

London street scene

As a part of their commemoration of Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday, the folks at StrongTowns developed a proposed oath for urban planners. As they note, the current standards for urban planners are mostly about ethics, which are certainly important, but neither cover the morality of laying out development patterns that may […]

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Feeling a breeze on one’s face at any age

The January StrongTowns/Urban3 visit to the North Bay, along with a concurrent webinar on blogging hosted by the StrongTowns folks holding down the Minnesota office, helped introduce me to other urbanist bloggers in Northern California. Using the momentum from the events, I’ve exchanged business cards, emails, and lunch invitations with bloggers tackling the same subjects […]

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Statistics confirm that your mayor likely isn’t undermining suburbia

Urban rowhouses in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

I know they’re only a vocal minority but, when combined with the host of folks who are too busy keeping up with life’s demands to speak up, the people who ascribe every perceived shortfall in local government to corrupt elected officials have a disproportionate impact. And that’s a […]

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Are we still willing to make sacrifices for our children?

Ohio courthouse

Looking through my archives, I can’t find evidence that I’ve ever written about my paternal grandmother. The omission shouldn’t be surprising, it’s hard to draw a line between Harriet Spear and urbanism, but it’s still a shame. She lived a life that shouldn’t be forgotten. Today, I’ve found a way to draw […]

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Reconciling urbanist road maps

Homes within walking distance of downtown Buffalo

In news that will likely come as a surprise to many, the name of this blog is “Where Do We Go from Here?” Seriously, it is. If you’re looking at my home blog site, you’ll see the name at the top of page. Blue letters on a […]