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You can’t have any more toys until you take care of the ones you already own

Alignment of the proposed Rainier Connector

Consistent with their goal of promoting stronger, more financially resilient communities, StrongTowns has launched an initiative targeted toward transportation planning. It’s a topic with which I have long familiarity.

A decade or more ago, my since-departed father noted to me that, for the first time in the better […]

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StrongTowns has gone home: On-going thoughts

View from plaza in downtown Healdsburg

After a productive series of North Bay meetings, the principals from StrongTowns and Urban3 have gone home, but not before seeding the North Bay with ideas about further steps toward an urbanist, financially sustainable, climate change moderating future.

Below, I offer a few thoughts about what happened and […]

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Putting my money where my pen is

Buffalo, site of 2014 CNU Congress

Local update: The first of three StrongTowns/Urban3 public meetings was held last evening in Santa Rosa.  The room was nearly filled for Chuck Marohn’s current version of the StrongTowns Curbside Chat.  Thanks go to all from the North Bay folks who made the effort to attend, especially those […]

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StrongTowns: Quibbling on the details

Downtown Petaluma

To recapitulate recent posts, I continue to encourage North Bay readers to attend one or more of upcoming public meetings with StrongTowns and Urban3. The meetings, which will be hosted by the Urban Community Partnership, will be the evenings of January 19, 20, and 21 in Santa Rosa. Signups seem to be […]

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StrongTowns: As Aesop would have told the story

Background: For the last handful of posts and continuing today, I’ve been writing about the StrongTowns philosophy of town building. My goal has been to encourage readers in the North Bay to attend at least one of the three StrongTowns/Urban3 meetings to be held January 19 through 21 in Santa Rosa.

More information about the […]

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StrongTowns: Digging deeper into the information trove

Downtown Petaluma

Background: With the only exception being a time-out for New Year’s resolutions, my last four posts (one, two, three, and four) have been about encouraging attendance at a series of upcoming meetings on financially sustainable development in the North Bay. It’s a pitch that will continue today.

But instead of repeating the […]

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StrongTowns: Checking in with the source

Building detail in downtown Petaluma

In my last couple of posts (here and here), I gave a North Bay example of the StrongTowns philosophy on the long-term financial realities of infrastructure. My goal was to encourage North Bay folks, especially those in Petaluma, to attend the upcoming StrongTowns and Urban3 meetings in Santa Rosa. […]

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StrongTowns: Why the transportation rationalizations fail

Caltrans project in Petaluma

To recap where I finished my last post, StrongTowns, a land-use planning advocacy group from Minnesota, will visit Santa Rosa in a couple of weeks. I was disappointed that, after banging the StrongTowns drum in the North Bay for three years, the urbanists of Petaluma weren’t included in the planning, […]

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StrongTowns: Overview and initial encouragement

Downtown Petaluma

When I last wrote about StrongTowns, I was still smarting that an opportunity to host a StrongTowns event had been taken from Petaluma.

I remain cantankerous on the subject. But I’ve also come to realize that the StrongTowns-inclined folks in Petaluma can use the setback as a springboard to achieve more than […]

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StrongTowns: The message is still what matters

Downtown Petaluma

A funny thing happened on the way to the publishing button. And an extensive rewrite was required.

A couple of weeks ago, I was advised that Chuck Marohn of StrongTowns and Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 were coming to the North Bay in mid-January to talk about the StrongTowns message and urbanism in […]