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Induced traffic induces more support

Induced traffic has been a regular topic of this blog, most recently three months ago when I wrote about peak spreading, a first cousin to induced traffic.

But induced traffic, the well-founded theory that road capacity creates car trips regardless of population changes, bears regular revisiting because its implications are a key motivating force behind […]

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Nourishing the seed of civic individualism

Southwest University Ballpark in El Paso

A couple of posts back, I mentioned that I was in the final stages of an annual trip with a pair of good friends. Each year, we pick a different part of the country in which to spend a week moseying about, enjoying the minor league baseball and […]

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Fixing bad adjacencies: The new stimulus?

From Google Maps. Click to enlarge.

Many folks were undoubtedly shocked when they learned that the Texas fertilizer plant fire and explosion was close to a rest home and a middle school. In the map at right, the middle school is immediately southwest of the plant and the rest home, with the grey roofs, […]