Durable Growth

The Planners: NIMBYism across the Pond

Residential front door near London

To give myself a respite from my flailing attempt to write a personal “Intro to Urbanism”, I’ll jump across the Atlantic Ocean and check out another episode of the BBC show “The Planners”, along with another couple of videos more or less pertinent to urbanism.

One aspect I love […]

Durable Growth

The Planners: Preserving English heritage

London street

I’ve previous written thrice about the BBC show “The Planners”, here, here, and here. With today being Boxing Day, with the afterglow of Christmas still lingering, and with further family activities perhaps still planned, it seems a good day to return to “The Planners”. At least, it seems like a better idea […]

Durable Growth

Preserving the Shot Tower and English code enforcement

Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, England

I promised that this post, weather permitting, would be the first report on my holiday search for great streets in the North Bay. Weather didn’t permit. There were a few breaks in the continuing storminess, but those breaks coincided with other obligations, so the great streets report […]


“The Planners” keeps hitting the mark

Greenwich Heath near London

I’ve previously offered praise for the BBC show The Planners. I find my enthusiasm continues to grow with every episode I watch. Nor am I alone in my approval. Writing in CityLab, Feargus O’Sullivan expresses similar feelings about the show, noting the captivating conundrums presented by the producers and the […]