Pedestrian safety: Putting the blame where it belongs and assessing strategies for slowing cars

Brick street in Harmar, Ohio

In a pair of recent posts, I offered perspectives on pedestrian safety. I wrote first about how the education of drivers isn’t an adequate strategy relative to the high compliance needed for pedestrian safety. Later, I suggested that the best strategies for pedestrian safety may fall outside the Overton […]

Durable Growth

In springtime, a middle-aged man’s fancies turn to sidewalk cafes, brew pubs, and block parties

Ray’s Deli and Tavern

With spring having sprung (not that we had a real winter in the North Bay), it’s time to check in on a few old favorites, both places and subjects.

Ray’s Deli: I’ve previously written about the role that Ray’s Deli and Tavern plays in the life of my Petaluma neighborhood. […]