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San Rafael must get a handle on pedestrian deaths

A New York City intersection before and after treatment. Image from NYCDOT

Four people have suffered violent, brutal deaths in San Rafael in the past nine months. Each one was entirely preventable, each one caused by what should have been a simple mistake that happened to have been made in traffic.

Traffic is the […]

Safety, Transportation

Red light cameras are good policy gone wrong

by Yousuf Fahimuddin, on Flickr

Red light cameras have been deployed around the country to great effect, reducing crashes dramatically in New York City and Washington, DC. Given these successes in the East, it was natural for San Rafael to give them a try. But police said they were ineffective at reducing crashes, and […]

Durable Growth

Street observations from La Jolla and San Diego

Downtown San Diego

I recently spent a couple of days in San Diego County.  The reason for my visit wasn’t urbanism, although I’d like to return with more time to look around, especially in downtown San Diego.   There were many interesting urban settings in which I’d like to wander about.  And they have streetcars!