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Pedestrian safety: Education isn’t enough

B Street in Petaluma

For those who may have been eagerly awaiting my promised thoughts on affordable housing, I must again disappoint. (I also fear that I may disappoint even when I finally get around to the topic, but that’s another story.) The topic of affordable housing remains high on my list, but this […]

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Were none of us ever kids?

I recently recounted the story of a Petaluma land use hearing during which I missed an opportunity to suggest a project change that should have been obvious to me as an urbanist.

The hearing addressed a proposed apartment complex. An element of the project was repainting the fronting street to reduce the travel lanes from […]


Narrowing the spectrum of street users


I’ve written several times about “Twenty is Plenty”, an initiative in many towns, mostly European but spreading toward U.S., to reduce speed limits on most streets to 20 miles per hour. A recent sidewalk encounter gave me another reason to think that Twenty is Plenty is an enlightened concept.

One of my first […]

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Slow cars with a bucket of paint

I’m often disappointed with the slowness at which I think. Given enough time, I can assemble logical thoughts just fine, but it takes longer than it seems that it should.

All of us come home from occasional parties frustrated by bon mots that popped in our heads ten seconds too late. But there times when […]

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Easing the pressure on the gas pedal

In my last post, I began to write about an on-line neighborhood chat on the subject of teenager drivers traveling with excess haste on residential streets. However, I was distracted by the participants in the chat, many of whom belong to my generation, calling for reduced freedoms for high school students. The advocacy was sufficiently […]

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In springtime, a middle-aged man’s fancies turn to sidewalk cafes, brew pubs, and block parties

Ray’s Deli and Tavern

With spring having sprung (not that we had a real winter in the North Bay), it’s time to check in on a few old favorites, both places and subjects.

Ray’s Deli: I’ve previously written about the role that Ray’s Deli and Tavern plays in the life of my Petaluma neighborhood. […]