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What are the traffic costs for alternative schooling choices?

Harmar Elementary School in Harmar, Ohio

I know a young couple with two young sons who moved to the North Bay a few years back. Coming from a snowy clime, they were excited by the walkability opportunities in the more clement North Bay, particularly the possibility of the older son walking to school. So […]

Durable Growth

Arriving at the revolution forty-five years late

Urban setting in Buffalo, New York

My wife and I live two blocks from a high school. The principal believes in being a good neighbor, so hosts occasional meetings where nearby residents can express concerns about the school, such as noisy bells, weekend construction, or student littering.

The most recent meeting was a few […]

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San Rafael must get a handle on pedestrian deaths

A New York City intersection before and after treatment. Image from NYCDOT

Four people have suffered violent, brutal deaths in San Rafael in the past nine months. Each one was entirely preventable, each one caused by what should have been a simple mistake that happened to have been made in traffic.

Traffic is the […]