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Taking the next step – Opportunities to get involved during the week of June 19

Theatre district in London

Another week is nearly upon us, with yet more chances to publicly advocate for urbanist-oriented solutions. It’d be a great week to get involved.

Meetings this Week

Rohnert Park Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Monday, June 20, 5:30pm, Rohnert Park City Hall, Conference Room 2A, 130 Avram Avenue, Rohnert Park […]

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The train is coming, are we ready?

SMART train in shop

I’ve written before about Friends of SMART. The citizen advocacy group was active in the initial formulation and voter approval of SMART, the coming commuter rail system for the North Bay. They’ve continued to provide encouragement and occasional constructive criticism as the SMART moved into construction and now nears operation.


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Getting urbanism wrong: Transit-adjacency

Richmond BART

In my last couple of posts, I argued that urbanism is a potent form of environmentalism, but one that can be easily misapplied. And then I offered examples of urbanism, and environmentalism, gone sideways.

I’ll finish this three-part journey into the environmentalism of urbanism with a look at the potential, and the […]

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Making car non-ownership seamless

Streetcar in Padua, Italy

Convincing people to make lifestyle-changing commitments to transit is a multi-faceted challenge. There are some bright folks who are offering creative solutions. But there may also be transit agencies which are failing to address the problem.

One can make two types of decision regarding transit use. Let’s call them “daily […]

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Pleasant Hill BART TOD a mixed bag

Pleasant Hill BART Today. Image from Google Maps.

Contra Costa Centre, which is the name used in marketing the transit oriented development near the Pleasant Hill BART station describes itself as an “exemplary model of Transit-Oriented Development” which “invite[s] residents, workers, and shoppers to drive less and take transit more.” It seems like it […]

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BART TOD: Stoops

Stoop at Pleasant Hill TOD

In my last post, I wrote of touring transit-oriented developments (TODs) along the BART system. A friend joined me in the travel. Our goal was to gather insights that might be useful during the upcoming review of the proposed Petaluma Station Area plan by the Petaluma City Council. In […]

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Freeways are polluted, but not impossibly so

by cookieevans5, on Flickr

It’s common sense that living near a freeway isn’t healthy. The pollution from the cars and grit from the roadway make for what most would term a wholly unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, the only places for infill development, not to mention quite a few BART and coming SMART stations, are near […]

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From today to TOD – The next steps

View at E. Washington and Lakeville Streets

A few years ago, a poll was taken about which planning departments in the Sacramento area were the most responsive and helpful. The City of Sacramento came in last. Between an organization chart that placed key reviewers in separate silos and a long-standing culture of poor responsiveness, […]

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Height isn’t density

44 unit-per-acre homes in Washingotn, DC. Image from Google.

Much noise has been made over the height of the Civic Center Station Area Plan (SAP), a development emblematic of density battles around the Bay. Quiet and Safe San Rafael (QSSR) has called it “very high density”, citing increases to the unit-per-acre arrangement as proof. […]

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From today to TOD – Impact fees

Walkable Downtown. Photo from the author.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about the hurdles of converting from drivable suburban to walkable urban, with particular reference to the pending Petaluma Station Area Plan. I’ve discoursed on subjects as varied as parking, adjoining properties, and transitional uses. Today, as I near conclusion, I’ll grapple […]