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Revisiting transit integration

Petaluma Transit bus

The powers that control the ebb, flow, and cross-currents of urbanism have apparently decreed that this is my week to ponder the integration of transit systems.

Later today, I’ll participate in a subcommittee meeting of the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee. It‘ll be our final work session before an August public vetting […]

Durable Growth

Catching a ballgame with the car still in the driveway

Elizabethton ballpark

Baseball is my game. Not to play, curve balls were always a mystery to me, but to enjoy, whether in a ballpark or through a boxscore. I avidly follow the football and basketball fortunes of my alma mater, but I’m more alive in the spring and summer when baseball is being played.


Durable Growth, Transportation

Traveling from door to destination without a car

Transit-accessible theatre in London

When the day comes that costs of living are more accurately assigned, with some of the external costs of sprawling subdivisions and internal combustion engines instead internalized, many people will choose to conduct a portion of their lives without cars.

And some of those of people will go even further, […]

Durable Growth

Black Friday Parking in the rearview mirror

Petaluma Market on a busy day

A week ago, I introduced Black Friday Parking, an effort by StrongTowns to document an error within many municipal parking codes.

As StrongTowns notes, many parking codes set minimum parking requirements to ensure that all shoppers on the busiest shopping day of the year can find a parking […]

Durable Growth, Transportation

NFL called for intentional grounding, penalty is loss of credibility

Transit in San Francisco

Back in 2012, the NFL was eager to tout the urbanist pleasures of Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis, where many of Superbowl week venues, including the stadium, were within walkable distance of the host hotels. Four years later, the NFL keeps stubbing its urbanist toe.

The first urbanist bust was at […]


Delivering folks at an awkward distance from an incipient wasteland

I’d like to write that it was the result of putting a high weight on geography when making employment decisions, but the reality is that I was lucky with office locations for much of my career.

For my first five years out of school, I worked near BART in downtown San Francisco. My office was […]


Covering the transit spectrum

Petaluma Transit bus

A recent report caused me to ponder the role of transit in small towns, including Petaluma where I live. And to reject one of the lesser strategies offered by the authors.

The report was prepared under the aegis of SPUR, a San Francisco organization with a long urbanist tradition incorporating both […]

Durable Growth, Transportation

What is transit?

Historic trolley in Uptown District of Dallas

(Once again, there’s been no progress on the Fairgrounds update. I remain surprised by the slowness of the process, which right now is fully out of my hands, but I’ll keep pushing. Perhaps the pieces will be in place for my next post.)

A feature of the […]

Durable Growth

Stories from CNU 23: Infrastructure patterns, misallocated fishing piers, and the creation of funk

Main Street Gardens in Dallas

Nuts. I still can’t share the update on Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds that I’ve been promising, although progress was made over the last few days. I’ll continue to push for having something in my next post.

(For non-regular readers, I help organize a local urbanist discussion group. The members have […]


Tackling the bigger transit questions

Petaluma Transit Bus

I chair the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee. It’s a good gig that I enjoy greatly. I have a fine group of fellow committee members and appreciate the effort that the Transit Manager makes to provide us with comprehensive background information and to respond effectively to our questions so that we can […]