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Celebrating April Fool’s Day – Part two

In my last post, I began a countdown of the top April Fools’ Day stories of the year from the world of urbanism. Admittedly, most of the stories aren’t the pranks that are the supposed mainstay of April Fools’ Day, but I’m using the day as a convenient excuse to deplete my stockpile of stories […]

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Highlighting the guideposts on the path toward a better future

Petaluma River in downtown Petaluma

The Petaluma City Council holds an annual goal-setting session, a seven-hour Saturday marathon that was conducted a few days ago.

Several Councilmembers occasionally follow this blog, but I still thought it appropriate to remind the Council about some of the goals I’ve suggested for Petaluma over past few years, […]

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Urbanism and senior living: After the driver’s license is gone

Petaluma Transit bus

A few years ago, my wife and I sat down one evening to continue planning our retirement. Our goal was to decide upon a town in which we wished to spend our later years.

Like any couple, our desires didn’t fully align. We had different visions of what would be important […]

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Quarterly quirks

Urbanism doesn’t necessarily lend itself to practical jokes. However, as in most realms of human endeavor, it has potential for quirkiness and whimsy. That’s close enough for me to offer a quarterly urbanist celebration of April Fool’s Day.

I try to schedule these posts for right around the first days of January, April, July, and […]


Talk to your kids about cabs and transit

Safer, cooler kid on transit. Photo by Davitydave, on Instagram.

It’s high school graduation season, and that means the annual deluge of columns about how you should talk to your kids about drinking and driving. It’s a valuable reminder for parents – driving is the top cause of death for teenagers 16-19, after all […]

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Using transit for more than work and shopping

Petaluma Transit bus

Using transit for work and shopping is great. But the world really opens up when transit can be used for the full range of life.

For my first post-college job, I lived in the East Bay and commuted by BART into San Francisco, walking a few blocks from the Montgomery Street […]


Transit widens youthful horizons

Petaluma Transit bus

In my last post, I wrote about the role of pedestrian outings, especially those that include slightly daring retail purchases, in widening the experiences of youths, helping them become familiar with their environment and putting them on paths to more productive and contented lives.

But on foot, or even on bicycle, […]


Urbanism 7, National Football League 0

Regional transit around the Superbowl. Image from MTA.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the rave reviews garnered by urbanism as a result of Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis. The game was played at a stadium within the downtown core, with many fans able to walk from their hotels.

I remain more of […]

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Making car non-ownership seamless

Streetcar in Padua, Italy

Convincing people to make lifestyle-changing commitments to transit is a multi-faceted challenge. There are some bright folks who are offering creative solutions. But there may also be transit agencies which are failing to address the problem.

One can make two types of decision regarding transit use. Let’s call them “daily […]