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Venice 2007: Finding my way from the airport to Piazza San Marco

Venetian Canal at dusk

To give myself a holiday respite, my I will do a series of posts through December and into the New Year telling the story of a two-week trip I took to Venice in 2007, using photos from the trip and notes that I took at the time. I’m editing the […]

Durable Growth

Venice 2007: From travel planning to arrival at Marco Polo Airport

Gondola under Rialto Bridge

As I wrote in my previous post, I’m giving myself a gift for the holiday season and likely also for the beginning of the New Year. For as long as the material lasts, I’ll take a respite from my three post per week schedule by devoting Friday posts to a […]

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Riding a virtual school bus

After half a century, my memory may be fallible, but my recollection is that I walked to school, without parental accompaniment, for much of my first grade year. My parents didn’t trust me to walk completely alone, so hooked me up with a third-grade girl who lived nearby. Not only did I walk to school […]

Durable Growth

Urbanism and senior living – Part 1: Reviewing the issue

Venetian plaza

Early in the history of this blog, I wrote about some key steps on my path to becoming an urbanist. One of those stories was about urbanism and senior living. I’ve pulled up the story, dusted it off, and tidied up its syntax. I offer it again below:

An urbanism insight came […]