Durable Growth

Vision versus execution

The Petaluma River from downtown Petaluma

Among many other things, Thomas Edison is famous for having said that genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

His formulation is fine. My only comment is that if he had replaced “genius” with “success in most walks of life”, he would have been equally accurate […]

Durable Growth

Identifying and building urbanist visions

Public plaza in Vicenza, Italy

In a couple of recent posts (here and here), I wrote about the dichotomy between vision and incrementalism. The difference between focusing on the small steps toward a big goal and focusing on the goal itself. The difference between awaking in the morning thinking about winning the World Series […]

Durable Growth

From incremental steps to grand visions

Urban fountain in Savannah, Georgia

The Petaluma Urban Chat meeting the other week was nicely successful. Thanks go to City Council candidate Dave King for responding to occasionally hard-edged questions with good humor and cogent responses. Perhaps not everyone agreed with his perspectives, but he presented his thinking well.

To attend a prior obligation, […]