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CNU 24: Best moments, part 4

Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit on a quiet Saturday morning

I’ll return today to CNU 24, the annual gathering of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently conducted in Detroit. I’ve previously offered the highlights of the opening day talks by Andres Duany, in two parts, and Kaid Benfield.

Today I’ll move onto Jeff […]

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CNU 24: Getting around Detroit

Downtown Detroit and the Detroit River

Being newly returned from the annual meeting of the Congress for the New Urbanism, CNU 24, I have pages of notes to review, with the goals of extracting the best quotes and stories to share and also of reminding myself about the subjects into which I should dig […]

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Having a place from which to watch and to entertain the world

My wife and I bought our home a little longer than a decade ago. We loved the house from the day we first saw it, but have continued to tinker with it, making it fit our needs even better and fixing the construction defects that the seller somehow forget to mention.

Ten years, a major […]

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In praise of magic gates

Whole Foods gate

While shopping at the Whole Foods in Petaluma a few days ago, I noted a gate that had previously escaped my attention. It was a simple little gate, chain-link, self-closing, keyed from both sides. But it had a magical function.

The gate provided direct walking access from a low-income, senior housing […]

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Urbanism and senior living: The insights keep coming

Walking setting in Soho, London

With Thanksgiving Day upon us, and with many folks already traveling, I’ll limit myself today to a handful of links. But they’re good links.

About a month ago, I wrote a series of posts on urbanism and senior living, from the how senior life might be conducted downtown to […]

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Urbanism and senior living: Getting around on foot

Napa sidewalk, luckily still in good repair

A theme of this election season has been strategic decision-making around the varying approval thresholds for different forms of tax measures. Is it better to seek a general tax measure, which requires only 50 percent plus one for approval, even if it means battling skepticism about how […]

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Walkability under attack

Pedestrian way in downtown Napa

A recent article in CNN Money reviewed Walgreen’s current strategies regarding store locations. Much of the information was standard corporate-speak for the benefit of stock market investors. But there was some startling information near the bottom of the article. It was troubling in its content and in the fact […]

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Northern California tour: Freedom Park Road

Freedom Park Road

Two weeks ago, I began recounting a recent daytrip I took through Northern California. My goal was to look, however briefly, at destinations that I hoped would offer urbanist insights. I began my day in Suisun City, a city center of well-conceived urban redevelopment and a personal favorite. I continued with […]

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Venice 2007: Venturing inland

Padua Municipal Building

For a holiday respite, I devoted my Friday posts through December and January to recounting my trip to Venice in 2007. Using photos and notes from the trip, I highlighted the urbanist issues of day-to-day life in perhaps the most famous car-free city in the world.

However, I reached the end […]

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Maintaining pedestrian interest in Petaluma

Fence along McDowell

In Walkable City, Jeff Speck identifies the four elements that must be present for walkability. His four fundamentals are usefulness, safety, comfort, and interest. Speck effectively argues that the absence of any of the four undermines walkability.

The interest element has been undervalued in a pair of recent Petaluma situations.

The […]