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Water conservation standards: Smarter, but not smart enough

A few weeks back, I opined that calls to lift California’s drought-driven water conservation standards were at best premature and at worst wrong-headed. Since then, the initial updates to the standards have begun to come forth. They could be worse. They could also be better.

Thus far, the State Water Control Board has floated a […]

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Water conservation thinking updated

Drought responsive landscaping

When the possibility of a drought-driven Petaluma construction moratorium was first broached, I responded strongly, supporting more stringent water conservation standards, but opposing the concept of an extended moratorium.

Listening to and participating in subsequent discussions has led me to believe that the moratorium aspect of the issue has been misunderstood […]

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Wielding a cudgel when a scalpel would be the better choice

In a previous post, I wrote that changing the direction of public policy takes persistent and dedicated effort. In my words, “stating a perspective and wandering away is a recipe for irrelevance.”

When I wrote those words, I had several examples in mind, but none that were strong enough to insert into the flow of […]